How to choose a wedding photographer in 4 steps:

Memories, those images that stay in our memory for a long time. Often, they come to our mind with an object, a song, or a photograph.

They fill us with joy, nostalgia. In short, they make us feel alive, as if we were back in that place. It's nice to remember, and even more so when you have a photo album of your big day when you and your love said, "I do".

If you are about to take this step, you should keep in mind that choosing your wedding photographer is as important as choosing your guests. That's why we'll help you do it without breaking your head so much.

STEP 1: Define your style, and your budget.

First of all, you have to know what style fits best with the way you are. Remember that it's your day, and you need to reflect what you want.

Currently predominate photojournalism, the art of photographing while telling a story, without posing. And, natural photography, with worked compositions and focusing on the gestures that arise from improvisation.

Of course, everything must be adjusted to what you are willing to pay.

STEP 2: Search.

You should start looking in advance, the good ones are well known and usually fly quickly. We recommend doing it a year before if you are getting married in high season, or six months if it is in low season.

After that, check their work and ask for reviews.

You can get reviews on their social networks, websites. But, if you need to feel confident, you can contact brides and grooms who have worked with him or her.

STEP 3: Meeting.

Knowing your ideas and that they fit your personality is essential. Since, they will be present at all times and being uncomfortable is not the best thing to do.

Additionally, you can prepare a series of questions to get to know how they would work at the wedding, their sympathy, level of connection, their equipment and their flexibility.

The photographer will be the one calling the shots that day, every detail is important.

STEP 4: Decide.

Is it what you were looking for, did it click? If the initial work has a lot to do with the result you had in mind then great. Because you'll be speaking the same language, the atmosphere will feel familiar and the photos will come out on their own.

Need to know more about photography and weddings? Stay tuned for our next articles.